Nova Launcher Prime for Android - Download latest apk 2023

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How to download Nova Launcher Prime Apk – 2023


The best launcher for android. This application is loved by 100 M +. This new launcher enables the theme option in any Android phone. With the help of this application, you can create your own new setup and share it with others.

Nova Launcher Prime for Android - Download latest apk 2023



What is Nova Launcher Application?

Your home screen is replaced with Nova Launcher, which offers you strong features you'll easily discover you can't function without. The name of the product that designed the new launcher application is TeslaCoil Software. This application is available on the play store. Nov Launcher is a free application that everyone can download. But a prime version of the same application is also available on the Google Play Store which costs Rs.99. This application helps you to make your android phone beautiful and attractive. With this application, you can create your own themes on an Android phone. You can customize the home screen.


Full Information About Nova Launcher

App Name

Nova Launcher


TeslaCoil Software


Varies with device


Varies with device


50,000,000+ downloads


Rated for 3+ Learn More

Updated on

Oct 24, 2022

Released On

Feb 23, 2012


How to Download Nova Launcher?

This application is easy to download. You can download this app by following the steps mentioned below. ...

  •  First Open the Google Play store on our mobile.
  • Search the Nova launcher app In the search bar.
  • First option show as a nova launcher. Open the app and install it on your mobile.
  • After installation is complete open the application and allows all permissions.
How to download Nova Launcher Prime Free?

As you all know, Nova Launcher Prime is a paid application, which is priced at Rs 99 on the google play store. If you want to download this application for free, then I have a backup file. The link to the backup file is below from there to download it to your phone.

  • Download the application from the below link 
  • Allow unknown sources in the setting.
  • Install the nova launcher prime app on your smartphone.
  • Allow all permissions and enjoy the nova launcher prime app for free.


About Nova Launcher

A capable, adaptable, and powerful alternative to the home screen Theme is Nova Launcher. Nova adds cutting-edge capabilities to improve your home screens while continuing to be a fantastic, user-friendly option for everyone. Nova is the solution if you want to fully redesign your home screens or if you need a cleaner, faster home launcher.

 The Newest Features: Nova gives all other phones access to the newest Android launcher features.

Individual Icon Themes: Nova is compatible with hundreds of icon themes that are offered in the Play Store.

  Night Mode and Dark Theme: You may either leave night mode on all the time for a dark theme or set it to turn on automatically at a certain time.

Customizable App Drawer: You may choose between a vertical or horizontal scroll, page effects, and card or immersive alternatives, to name just a few.

Subgrid Positioning: With Nova, it's simple to achieve a precise feel and layout in a way that's unattainable with most other launchers thanks to the ability to snap icons and widgets in between grid cells.

Backup and Restore: With Nova's backup and restore capability, switching between phones or experimenting with new home screen layouts is a breeze. Backups can be kept on-site or transferred easily to the cloud for storage.

Speed: Even older phones will feel quick and fluid thanks to Nova's highly optimized smooth and snappy animations. Use Nova Launcher Prime to accomplish more. With Nova Launcher Prime, Nova Launcher can reach its full potential.

 Gestures: Use gestures like pinching, double tapping, and swiping to carry out custom commands on the home screen.

App Drawer Groups: To make the app drawer feel incredibly organized, create personalized tabs or folders. Apps can be hidden by being removed from the app drawer without being uninstalled.

Custom Icon Swipe Gestures: Assign swipe actions to folders or icons on the home screen. plus more. Unread counts, additional scrolling effects, and others.

 For optional screen off/lock capabilities, this app utilizes the Device Administrator permission.

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